Bach-Lliant Play and Stay Music Workshop at CLCM

Bach-lliant Learn to Play, Play to Learn is open to ages of 0-5 years old.

Relaxing and fun atmosphere using musical games where we would take the families through the journey of the magical power of music. Improving confidence and intelectual abilities, setting the platform for future and personal development in instrumental learning.

Our Bach-lliant Stay and Play,  Music introduction and educational scheeme is becoming one of the most vibrant course in London open for the age group of 0-5 year old.

Favourite among nurseries and children centres, the reception  from parents has been very positive, and the children have genuinely loved it. In most of the children we have seen significant improvement on their cognetive behaviour, speech development, attention to detail and co-ordination. We have spotted a few extraordinary talented children which with the right nurturing we believe they can go the extra mile.

We focus on


we choose a song which focuses primarily on the movement, waking up not only the body but also the mind. We take them on a journey that prompts children to visualise and feel the movement. It has been proven to capture the attention and improve coordination of brain and muscle simultaneously.



through the favourite nursery rhymes our team chooses carefully the favourite tunes and rhymes repeating them frequently (repetitive motion). Additionally the countdown system has got a great impact on children’s abilities to count fast as not only it develops muscle memory but by finger and body action they will remember visually and they will coordinate different subjects with numbers.

Familiar songs

like ‘’Twinkle, Twinkle’’ where we repeat the expressive facial features together with movement. Here we teach understanding feeling of emotions, concept of going faster and slower rhythmically, piano and forte (loud and soft playing).

Our aim is to develop emotion intelligence through the movements, coordination, feelings and emotions. But most importantly introducing them with real instruments so the children can get familiar with sounds that instruments produce giving them the path to be familiar and inspired for the next future instrument learning.

Our Bach-lliant scheme is becoming a favourite in our offices and is proven to be a hit as we have seen great improvement on children’s emotions, friendship, generosity and not forgetting is a lot of fun!

Let’s get started!