Our Special Programme

Music services for Corporates

Individual tailored programme of tuition to help people of all age and abilities to progress through music,  enriching well-being, confidence and personal development.

City London Centre of Music offers on-site music programs for corporates to provide leading-edge employee benefits to help enhance well-being, foster creativity and support work-life balance.

Music is proven stress healer and creativity enhancer. In daily stressful life we all live in, music boost concentration, relieve stress, enhance confidence and learning agility by spreading positive energy. Above all, music improves mood, feeling well-being and enhance people’s happiness.

We appreciate that as an employer you consider many initiates like gym, yoga etc. to make work place experience better. However, music touches our hearts, minds and soul thus not only offering physical aspect of well-being but making employees enriched individuals.

CLCM Corporate Programs offer

  • Quality music lessons directly to employees during work day giving them opportunity to re-energize through a creative experience
  • Customized program to meet corporate objectives, employees interests and personal development goals
  • Music program can be very easily accommodated within your corporate set-up
  • Highly qualified teachers and personalized teaching methodologies
  • Flexibility in schedule, group-size and program design
  • CLCM undertakes all registration, scheduling and administrative tasks so as an employer no additional resources to be invested from your side
  • Invoicing can be flexibly arranged if desired directly with the participating employees
  • Attractive corporate discounts

CLCM Corporate Program include

  • Private music lessons on a variety of instruments
  • Small group classes
  • Individual lessons
  • Voice/ singing lessons
  • Music theory and composition classes
  • Platform for employees to perform