CLCM Corporates Programme

With City London Centre of Music (CLCM) embark on a creative journey to foster emotional intelligence, wellbeing and overall wellness.
Offering leading-edge employee benefits and work-life balance is at the heart of responsible organisations but how can we enhance leadership, build resilience, and create an inclusive and diverse workplace? How can we seed the right degree of emotional expression from any age?
Join us to discover more on creativity and music based mindfulness!

At CLCM we are supporting emotional intelligence, confidence, resilience and team building through our sessions, lecture recitals and events which take place live and online. We are based in London, UK, and we work with corporate companies in National and International level.

Our lectures consist of several subjects that support and develop expression, the relation of thoughts and emotions and paths for creativity and determination. Our projects include radio shows, vocal training for video productions, choir sessions, instrumental training and other various bespoke and personalised activities on music and arts.

We are cooperating with various organisations related to health services, educational services and several corporate companies which are looking for established but also newly creative ways to support their employees’ well-being. Our sessions are also suitably adjusted for children and teenagers; it is proven through our work and experience, that they, equally to adults, need emotional expression and support on creativity and confidence throughout the development of character and personality.

Our Special Programme

Emotional intelligence program

Connecting with each other

Online Live Choir

Instrumental mini concerts

Parents and children

Emotional intelligence program through music and arts for adults, online and live

This program is specifically designed to support managers and employees’ emotional intelligence, confidence, resilience, creativity and determination through music and art as well as boosting mental wellness through innovative thinking. These are group activities which include versatile discussions on various topics using arts and music as a central point. The sessions have an emphasis in inclusion & diversity, mental health, & some specifically designed on empowering women.

Connecting with each other

Live coffee chats online

Good morning London, Connecting regularly together for a coffee discussing various current topics. The discussions will highlight dialogs around music on films, arts, lifestyle and social life as an extra feel good factor! Some of the popular choice of discussions recently have been: ‘’how to beat lockdown snacking and other unwanted habits’’; ‘’how to adjust in the new reality’ ’how to boost your daily confidence’’.

Radio Show

In a different way the radio show offers similar perspective to the Coffee Chats. Senior Leaders and team members from various networks in a company come together to share their stories, then we develop it into a podcast and a professional radio talk show! This has been extremely popular during lockdown, connecting staff together sharing different background and values. This has proven to be very successful with international companies. The project is now expanding worldwide within the regions sharing customs with the participants about different ways of living, cultures with the emphasis to all becoming more united than ever before.

Video commercial

This is a new way of moving forward in a world of online work, keeping connections while challenging ourselves with incredible results and sense of achievement; not to forget the fun associated with the activity.
Whether you decide to sing, or recite a song or a poem, that expresses a particular feeling to celebrate different events, like mental health world day, friendship world day, or any other occasion as you are telling a story in a creative manner while engaging numerous staff from all the Company, with Senior Leader Support. This activity is special, because it includes vocal and performance training for the preparation of the video clip. Our professional team edits and develops a final masterpiece product!

Online Live Choir

We have also designed online and live choir classes which bring, similar to our other projects, employees and managers together as part of an activity without work related stress. Singing has been proven therapeutic and relaxing. It eases stress and it is improving the quality of life and the immune system. We choose creative and versatile repertoire touching on current issues, adding an educational perspective.

Instrumental mini concerts

As part of our package we offer instrumental mini concerts. Our staff and our tutors are internationally recognised performers with vast repertoire in classical, jazz and popular music. Our online concerts have been proven successful for companies uplifting their spirits and offering pleasant and educational afternoons or evenings. These can be part of your Christmas Celebrations and other seasonal celebrations especially during lock down. Some companies have called the mini concerts ‘’The big night in’’ / ‘’Get dressed up with a glass of bubbly under music notes’’.

Parents and children

Since the core of our vision is inclusiveness we have thought of two very special activities for parents and children.

Children 0 – 5 years old

  • City London Centre of Music introduces activities for toddlers and young children with their parents as part of their weekly activities. It introduces rhythms, nursery rhymes, movement and simple introduction to musical instruments. The intention is to create extra boost for the emotional connection of the family, and educate the children.

Emotional Intelligence for children 6 – 11 year olds and parents

  • As we have already introduced our emotional intelligence sessions for adults, this specific program is designed for the whole family. It is a mix of science, art, music and Greek mythology, to express feelings and distract the mind with the aim to boost creativity and confidence. Our activities include all arts and is very interactive for all family, a great way of expressing feelings in a healthy manner especially under the current conditions where families are spending time indoors. As part of this activity we have naturally created ‘’Kids Art Challenge’’ where your children submit their art expressing and igniting their activity. This has proven extremely popular!
    All these activities also inspire children to pick up a musical instrument which in itself transforms a child’s life and develops the character.

Lifestyle by Amy Victoria

Lifestyle by Amy Victoria combines exercise and nutrition for optimum health and well being. By addressing both we nourish and develop the body from inside out and create a realistic and maintainable lifestyle that ensures you look & feel your very best. With the right nutrition & exercise we don’t just improve our physical appearance we improve our overall health including mood, sleep, ability to concentrate & address any barriers we may come across at work or at home. Too many of us seek medication to fix problems or simply neglect the problem altogether. We make excuses for not getting into an exercise routine or not eating healthily due to work. I will coach you through how easy it is to adapt and introduce the right exercise plan and nutrition into your lifestyle. This will allow you to achieve the results you want and ensure you are at optimum health from inside out