Flute Lesson

City London Centre of Music is the name for a team of professional flutists who run courses for flute players of all standards.

Our courses are well-known for their friendly, informal and personal style. Everyone is welcome! We usually have a well-known flutist to teach which is very appealing for aspiring young professional flute players and amateurs alike.

City London Centre of Music is a teaching practice that offers a unique, flexible and inspiring approach to learn. We run a specialist teaching program for adults of all standards, using a combination of one-on-one teaching, online videos and group workshops.

The academy is all about opportunity and giving people as many different ways to engage and learn. The goal of City London Centre of Music is to provide students of all ages and levels with a well-rounded musical education by offering a variety of programs such as group lessons, chamber ensembles, flute choir, special topics classes, master classes, performance classes, workshops, and private lessons.

Merlin Shakaj is passionate about working with aspiring young musicians, helping them shape their love of music and connecting with the community.

Let’s get started!