Bright Ideas Brilliant Minds

Bright Ideas Brilliant Minds

The World’s biggest Pharma Exhibition CPhl

Frankfurt Gala Event for World’s biggest Pharma Exhibition CPhl…. Partnership with VitaConsoltants

Bright Ideas, Brilliant Minds

CLCM is proud to share that on 6th November 2019 we will be performing at corporate Gala Event in Frankfurt, Germany during world’s biggest pharma exhibition CPhI. This event is hosted by one of the world’s top biopharmaceutical company with event organizer Vita Consultants GmbH.

Bright Ideas, Brilliant Minds! Celebrating partnership and success!

For the Gala Event themed to recognize immense importance of partnership, CLCM is honored to have the keynote music performance.

Very excited to be the Ambassadors of Timeliness Music.

Brilliant Minds, Bright Ideas music session during the DSM Supplier Innovation Day on 20th November in Switzerland. Through the note of thanks I also like to share audience’s reflection towards this wonderfully designed music and emotional intelligence sessions. We got amazing reception both from my colleagues internally and invited suppliers. Everybody felt more energetic, motivated & happily remained in the brainstorming state of mind throughout the day by the interactive way sessions were conducted. It was completely novel for all of us to have anything related to music or emotional intelligence in such a set-up. Through carefully choses topics you could truly drive partnership, active listening, challenging status-quo and boost creatively. We could observe immediate and tangible outcome by means of more engagement from the participants. The audience reception towards the music session was over-whelming. It was indeed a right decision to have music and emotional intelligence session during innovation event.

Viraj Mehta | Director Global Procurement ANH | DSM Nutritional Products

Thank you for the nice words and especially for the invitation to the event and to continue. Now we have to do it like the musicians - capture the thoughts and ideas and bring them on paper into notes or chemical formulas in our case. And then use them, spread them out and reproduce them and continue to develop them further.

Alexander Wagner, Director of Sustainability, Holland, Amsterdam