Listen to Some Student Testimonials

Listen to Some Student Feedback & Testimonials for City London Canter of Music in London

Rungen Family, FCCA

CLCM 5 Stars review

We have a  teacher from City London Centre of Music for our children for quite a some time now. One of my sons is doing Grade 5 ABRSM.We will recommend the teacher for his patience, level of professionalism and courtesy with his teaching to any prospective students. All the violin lessons have always been conducted in our home. During his time that the teacher has been in our place he has always present himself as a well-mannered and with courtesy.

Dr J. Assi

CLCM 5 Stars review

What I have found particularly unique and admirable about the teacher provided by City London Centre of Music is teaching approach in that he does not refrain from giving whatever it takes to help a student achieve excellence even if it is at the expense of his own time and, hence, money.

CLCM teachers thrives for being about the beauty of music rather than the materialistic aspect of it. Indeed, I have seen a remarkable progress in the way my daughters play the violin, their passion for music as well as their musical intellect since starting with him. The teacher provided by CLCM is very patient in explaining every minute detail that the girls have to take into consideration while practicing and communicating it in a simple manner. I find it easy to work with him as a team to bring the best in my daughters when it comes to their music talent and violin playing.

Mr. Morineaux

CLCM 5 Stars review

I am an adult learner for past 5 years and I have simply outstanding teacher of CLCM. An empathetic man of generous nature, passionate about his work, and with good personal ethics.

The teacher is extremely dedicated. Playing the violin requires technic as well as the ability to broadcast emotions fostered from within. He has musical insight beyond the mastery of the instrument; he makes the learning of the instrument a deep and extraordinary experience. In our lessons I have also known him to be patient, encouraging, understanding, motivating and focussed.

Mihaela V.

CLCM 5 Stars review

CLCM teacher is always punctual, reliable, well-mannered and polite.

Mrs SD, Consular Officer to the Government of the Republic of Benin

CLCM 5 Stars review

We owe City London Centre of Music everything for what they have turn my daughters life to be.  She is at present in one of the top private schools in London with full scholarship based on her merits in music. She holds The National Music Award, which means until the day she turns 18 all feel s are completely covered for her music studies.

Alexander Wagner, Director of Sustainability, Holland, Amsterdam

CLCM 5 Stars review

Thank you for the nice words and especially for the invitation to the event and to continue. Now we have to do it like the musicians – capture the thoughts and ideas and bring them on paper into notes or chemical formulas in our case. And then use them, spread them out and reproduce them and continue to develop them further.

Battersea Power Station Estate Management Company

CLCM 5 Stars review

What fun it was last night to host an end of year shindig at The Riverhouse and start this season’s festivities with you! Thank you Satryna Tequilla for the wonderful cocktails and to CLCM for the brilliant live music. It was wonderful to see so many new faces and we hope you all enjoyed it and look forward to celebrating the rest of 2019 here at Circus West before we enter a new year.


Adrian Cooper, Head of Technology Project EMEA Mental Health Lead

CLCM 5 Stars review

Thanks so much for coming along to perform at our well-being event last week. You’re amazing performances throughout the day brought a smile to many team members faces creating an important talking point for Int’l Mental Health Day.